How to search high grade and cheap legacy wall pack light ?

For most overseas lighting buyers , they prefer high grade and cheap legacy wall pack light , which made by standard wall pack light company . And here are some suggestion for looking for excellent forward throw mini wall pack lighting manufacturer , finding ISO9001:2015 certificated full-size mini wall pack lighting supplier at first . ISO9001:2015 , certified by the International Standard Organization ( ISO ) , to ensure the quality management system conforms to the international standard .

As we all know , QC , as the significant process of goods producing , playing an important role in lighting quality . Nowadays , we will take led wall pack with battery back up as an example to check our lighting products quality .

For our led outdoor dusk to dawn area flood wall pack light , raw material inspection , as the first process of QC , we will test the aluminum , led chip , etc , so as to control the source quality of standard mini wall pack fixture  .



Any questions about wall pack with motion sensor , or custom direct mini wall pack lights design ? Do you need high quality and low price forward throw wall pack lamp , which producing from legacy mini wall pack light outlet ? Come and contact us!

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